Join us on June 1 for our Annual Peace March! 

Students at Perspectives will lead the march to raise awareness about the increased violence in Chicago's communities and commit to actions that build a more peaceful Chicago. Read our press release to learn more about why our students are marching! 

Press Release


24th & State (Open Field) 

9:00 am   |  Meet at State & 24th (Open Field) 
                   9:30 am   |  Kick-off Rally begins
                  10:00 am  |  March begins
                  10:30 am  |  March ends

Parking is limited. Please take public transportation or carpool if possible.

For more questions/concerns, please email ea@pcsedu.org. 
March Route

Spread the Word: 

 Use hashtags #IAmForPeace #ChangeisComing and tag @PCSEdu on Twitter and Instagram! 

How Our March for Peace Began: 

I Am For Peace (2014) - Trailer from Perspectives Charter Schools on Vimeo.

SYNOPSIS: I Am For Peace

Like so many of our cities, Chicago is being torn apart by violence. Talk to the students at any school on the South and West Sides of the city, and almost every single student will tell you that someone they love has been impacted by gun violence. Almost every single one knows someone who has been shot.

But our young people are also a part of the solution. "I Am For Peace" shares the inspiring story of how students at Perspectives Charter Schools are taking lessons from the classroom to the streets to organize one of the largest student-led peace marches in the city's modern-day history and create a lasting movement for peace.

Each week, students at Perspectives spend 180 minutes in A Disciplined Life class. They talk with their teachers and peers about the problems facing their communities, and how to apply the 26 principles of A Disciplined Life to develop positive self-perception, healthy relationships, and tools for productivity. In short, they learn to become ethical leaders.

During an A Disciplined Life class two years ago, students engaged in a discussion about a young man who had been shot after a basketball game at a Chicago high school. Students came to the realization that many people didn’t care about violence unless it affected them personally. They wanted to find a way to get everyone to care, so they started the “I Am For Peace” movement to share how the principles of A Disciplined Life can help create a more peaceful Chicago.

The documentary follows three Perspectives students as they plan a peace march through the South Side of Chicago that drew more than 2,000 students, parents, and corporate and community leaders. At a rally after the march, students expressed their hopes for the safe return of all their classmates in the fall. Tragically, one of them didn’t – a 16-year-old girl killed in a drive-by shooting just before the start of the next school year.

The film features opening remarks by Chicago-born actress/singer Jennifer Hudson and an interview with U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. "I Am for Peace" harkens back to the student-led activism of the Civil Rights Movement and is a moving tribute to America’s under-estimated urban youth.

Contact: External Affairs at ea@pcsedu.org for information about screening "I Am For Peace" -- the 30-minute documentary film -- at your school, church, home, business or community organization.

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