Our Perspectives, AAR’s Support of Perspectives Goes Beyond Mentorship

August 11, 2015
By Dinai Yelverton, Digital Communications for AAR CORP.

A Disciplined Life Benefit 2015 for Perspectives Charter Schools
(L-R) Perspectives Student; David Storch; Tony Anderson, AAR Board Member; Queshawn Burnett at
Perspectives 18th Annual Benefit Gala (2015)

Queshawn Burnett, rising senior at Perspectives/IIT Math & Science Academy, is currently interning under the leadership of Eric Young as a Distribution and C&E intern. C&E is a recently formed business unit under the Aviation Services umbrella which provides the material used at our MRO sites, as well as to third-party customers.

Last fall, Queshawn, along with nine other Perspectives students, participated in a mentorship program at AAR’s headquarters in Wood Dale, IL. For five weeks students were paired with mentors as they learned about AAR through job shadowing and one-on-ones. The students were given tools for success and were presented with tips on how to present themselves in professional settings. Queshawn enjoyed his experience here as a mentee so much that he applied his networking skills and landed a summer position in C&E as an extension of the fall program! AAR is participating in the Perspectives mentorship program again this fall in the hopes of inspiring and cultivating more young leaders like Queshawn.

Queshawn aims to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Science and a Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering. Queshawn’s last day in the office was August 14th before he headed back to begin his last year in high school. AAR continues to support our youth and the future of aviation.

More about Queshawn

Family Life: Oldest of eight (8)!

Extracurricular Involvement: Football (2012-2013), Baseball (2012-2015), Student Ambassador (2014-2016)

College Prospects: Purdue or Western Illinois University

Career Aspirations: To obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Science, and a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering. I am interested in aerodynamics. I love math and science, and I feel that aeronautical engineering intertwines these subjects. I became interested in aeronautical engineering after my first experience on an actual airplane, which made me curious as to how everything on a plane worked together to make it fly.

What do you hope to gain from this internship experience: I hope to gain experience working in a professional environment. As a scholar and future professional, it is important that I begin to develop the skills to be able to conduct professionally in the workforce.

Best advice received (related to school, college, career, etc.):
  • School: Never stop learning; the key to success is only accomplished by learning.
  • School: If you don't know something, ask questions.
  • Career: Networking is the key in all careers; knowing different people who you can benefit from is always a plus.
  • Life: Stay humble, be smart, and learn from your mistakes.
Professional Role Models:
Eric Young is my role model because he knows what he wants to see happen in the future. I believe that Eric is all about growth and exceeding goals. He teaches me how to become better at what I do. I have been benefiting from Eric’s advice. “Even if you don’t know something, the one important thing you can do is ask a question.”

David Martinsek is also a role model because he is all about generating different ideas and how to solve problems. I have seen David come up with some wonderful ideas that have solved many problems with the groups that he is involved in. He is the most intelligent person that I have ever met. I believe that he knows a little about everything. There is not one question that he doesn’t have an answer to.

Learn more about the Perspectives Internship program that matches up every Perspectives junior with a professional internship in and around Chicagoland.