Launch Event of the Perspectives Young Professionals Board

March 11, 2015

CHICAGO--More than 60 Chicago young professionals gathered at the John Barleycorn River North, to launch the Perspectives Young Professionals Board (also known as PYP). The mission of the PYP is to support the students of Perspectives Charter Schools by raising awareness of Perspectives and the A Disciplined Life education model.

"We feel so lucky to include so many of Chicago's young professionals in our Perspectives family," said Perspectives program manager Shayla Butler. "We are humbled by their generosity not only with their time, but their energy and resources, too."

The event included a special screening of "I Am for Peace," a student-led documentary film showcasing students living A Disciplined Life as a strategy to tackle the violence they face in Chicago.

“A Disciplined Life is a school culture, a curriculum, and a common language,” said Butler. “It helps us all develop positive self-perception, healthy relationships, and personal productivity.”

The founding members will Lead fundraising events; Attract new friends and donors; Raise awareness through social media; Actively volunteer with our students; and, Help improve public education in Chicago and beyond.

“I am really excited about this opportunity to serve on the Young Professionals Board,” said Mike Rice who works at RCP Advisors in downtown Chicago. “This is a wonderful opportunity for a group of dedicated young professionals to make a difference in education.”

Perspectives is seeking talented, innovative, and enthusiastic young professionals who are committed to our mission of educating students for college and preparing them for life.

To become a Member of the Perspectives Young Professionals Board, please email Shayla Butler at sbutler@pcsedu.org, or call at 312-604-2101.