Civic Engagement Continues at Perspectives with EY Connect Day 2015

September 25, 2015

At Perspectives, students and staff become even more civic-minded and responsible through the 26 principles of the A Disciplined Life (ADL) education model, which helps students develop positive self-perception, healthy relationships, and the tools for productivity.

These achievements are accomplished in part by the devotion of teachers and parents who work tirelessly to ensure students are receiving the best possible instruction. Secondly, key partnerships with civic organizations contributes to the success of students at Perspectives.

The partnership between Ernst & Young (EY) Chicago and Perspectives is such an example of how results-driven service can lead to the sense of common purpose, joining fellow community members to work together for something other than ourselves — for something bigger, for the common good.

A cohort of EY Chicago volunteers visited with high school seniors at Perspectives Leadership Academy during EY Connect Day. EY Connect Day provides an annual opportunity to join with colleagues for a day of community service and celebration. EY is firmly anchored in the communities where we live and work, and they recognize that their responsibility to help those communities grow and flourish.

"It is such a wonderful experience for our students here at Perspectives to learn about college and the professional working world from a diverse group of EY employees," said Stefan Fisher of Perspectives Leadership Academy. "Year after year, we love EY Connect Day and the invaluable wisdom the volunteers give to our students."

EY focuses on community engagement that incorporates entrepreneurship, education and environmental sustainability — the 3Es. EY volunteers covered the 3Es by helping Perspectives students create a business proposal with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, fill out the common application for college admissions, learn about scholarships and grants to pay for college, and be more conscious of global and local water conservation.

Perspectives students were impressed by the EY volunteers for their dedication to community service and their words of wisdom about college and life.

“Today has been a really great experience! The EY volunteers have been so helpful in giving us personal attention to help with the college application process today,” said senior at Perspectives Leadership Academy Taniya Ceaser. “I worked with an EY volunteer today who gave me really good feedback on my personal statement. He was so encouraging about it that he put me at ease and he also gave me good advice on how to apply to colleges. He taught me the difference between graduate school and undergraduate school, and we had a great talk about my majors and future goals. I am so glad we get opportunities to meet with EY volunteers.”

Kristopher Moore, also a senior at Perspectives Leadership Academy described his experience with the EY College MAP program as eye opening and life altering. “It has really opened my eyes to see that I can do things that I didn't know I could do. For example, I used to not believe I could go to a really good college. I wasn't sure what my future held. Days like today and experiences with EY lets me know I do have the skills to succeed, and the support I need to make it happen. Thanks, EY, for everything!”

EY employees are embodying the 26 principles of A Disciplined Life, including “be generous” and “show gratitude”. Together, Perspectives and EY are transforming the Auburn Gresham campus into a hive of entrepreneurship, academic excellence and great character development.