My Internship Program: A Student Point of View

My Internship Program: A Student Point of View
November 23, 2016
By Destany Thomas (MSA)

Chicago- I am a junior at Perspectives Charter Schools IIT Math & Science Academy and have been interning at the Perspectives SHOP learning how to interview scholars and staff. Then I am learning how to make an article about the information I interviewed them about.

Two weeks ago, we visited Digitas which is located downtown Chicago. We went there to learn more about Perspectives’ scholar’s internship program and the different things that they do. According to Amy Trainor, an employee at Digitas, she finds it very interesting to have scholars help her out with the work she does at her job. Amy has been working with there for four months. Her role at work is to staff client projects and manage their performances which is interesting to her because she gets to work with different departments and different employees.  She also works with students so she can give them advice on how to become successful in life. One of her majors in college was business which best fits her current role because Digitas works with different advertisements-- a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event. Amy’s other major was Psychology that focuses on communication.  Amy uses Psychology by working with different clients and employees and communicating with them.  One of the things that stressed Amy out at work was having conversations with employees and clients making sure they on the right track. A resource that helped her not to be less stressful is the human resources department. Another challenge Amy has faced at work was her time management. Something that helped her overcome that challenge is making sure to follow up and get an end result. 

My second interview was with student Lumdilla Sylvestre, a junior from Perspectives High School of Technology. Some of the things Ludmilla enjoys about her internship is that the mentors help her learn how to do interviews as well as making a resume. The mentors also help her prepare for the real-life situations.  We are very grateful to have had this internship experience with Perspectives because it gives us an opportunity to work six weeks with Digitas and Ludmilla has found a job she would want in the future. And if she succeeds, she will already have experience when she starts her career! At other schools scholars don't have this opportunity. One of the 26 principles of A Discipline Life That Ludmilla focused on at her internship is to use her time wisely. Using your time wisely can actually help you be successful in life by removing any distractions. Ludmilla stated that if she could work at her internship in the summer she would do it because of the environment and how friendly it is.  She has received plenty of good advice on how to be ready for the future and would tell the upcoming juniors to intern at Digitas because it’s fun and very interesting.

The similarities that me and Ludmilla had about our internships were that we both found them interesting. It was very exciting to work in an office on the computer typing articles and doing research. So far one of the things I did at my internship was organizing different materials putting them in certain categories. Another thing I did at my internship was a presentation about A Disciplined Life. Ludmilla and I both stated that if it was our choice to recommend internships to upcoming juniors, we would tell them to participate. The reason why I would tell them is because they’ll enjoy the things I did. Another reason why I’ll tell them is because they’ll like working with others, being on computer, and doing projects. The reason why Ludmilla will tell them is because it’s fun and very interesting to her. I am also focusing on one of the 26 principles at are internships. The principle I’m focusing on is demonstrate perseverance.  I focus on that by never to give up no matter what. Although when things challenging I still push myself to do my best.