90 Organizations Host Over 350 PCS Interns

January 28, 2016

                       Perspectives students at their Digitas internship with mentors

CHICAGO--This academic year Perspectives was able to partner with 90 organizations, which hosted over 350 junior standing students as interns over a five-week period. Partners ranged from small non-profit organizations to fortune 100 companies.

Internships are an integral part of social emotional learning and allow for exponential personal growth in a short amount of time. Placing students in a professional atmosphere allows them to quickly develop awareness surrounding their professional aspirations and passions. Further, it introduces them to a professional setting and culture which strengthens their college and personal aspirations. One shining example of this is Queshawn Burnett, a senior at Perspectives/IIT Math & Science Academy. 

Last fall as a junior Queshawn was excited to be partnered with AAR Corporation, a leading global provider of aerospace products and services to commercial airlines and government agencies. He explained excitedly, “I became interested in aeronautical engineering after my first experience on an actual airplane, which made me curious as to how everything on a plane worked together to make it fly.” It seemed like a great fit from the very beginning and somewhere Queshawn could solve his question and grow his budding passion. No one had any idea just how much that passion would grow.

After completing the program with nine of his peers, Queshawn lived the ADL principle “take initiative” and leveraged his new professional network to acquire a summer internship in the Distribution and C&E division. Dinai Yelverton, Manager of Corporate Communications with AAR, speaks very highly of Queshawn’s work ethic. “He really stood out and took my advice on the importance of following-up and staying connected.” Yelverton and AAR continued to be so thrilled with his work that they have invited him to speak with the new fall internship class on their first day. For another look at the great work being done by AAR mentors and Perspectives interns enjoy this short video.

Success past the initial five-week program isn’t limited to Queshawn. Suzanne Hammond of Axion RMS ltd. shared, “David [Wells] is very motivated. He asked if things go well if he might be able to continue as an intern. I think that we could quite happily be able to have him intern for us part-time during breaks and summer.” It was evident that David lives the ADL principle “be punctual and prepared” when Hammond divulged that David “was up at 4am this morning and his grandfather took him to the train station early so he could make sure to find his train and catch it.”  
The internship program allows Perspectives students to stand apart with their college applications. As higher education institutions more frequently require internships for graduation, Perspectives graduates are at an advantage by having already been exposed to this often stressful environment.