Be a Community, Business or Academic Partner

Business Partnerships

As the Midwest managing partner for Ernst & Young, Tony Anderson built a partnership with Perspectives Leadership Academy over seven years that will be a model for corporations and schools across the country.  It wasn’t just a financial partnership, though Anderson and Ernst & Young raised and donated more than $2 million for Perspectives students.  On top of that, Ernst & Young employees volunteered directly with students, helped paint classrooms, and brought books, music and other resources into the school.  Anderson made support for Perspectives a part of the fabric of the Ernst & Young office in Chicago.

If you would like to learn more about partnering with one of our schools on any or all of these levels, please contact External Affairs.

"With everything Ernst & Young provided, we knew that students would take full advantage.  We were presenting them with opportunities, and they always grabbed them with both hands.  That's what A Disciplined Life is all about."

Tony Anderson
Perspectives Board Chair and former Midwest Managing Partner, Ernst & Young

Academic Partnerships

With the September 2008 opening of a fifth school, the Perspectives/IIT Math & Science Academy in the Grand Boulevard community in Chicago, Perspectives and the Illinois Institute of Technology embarked on a partnership to create an innovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Synergy education curriculum for grades six through 12. To learn about opportunities to develop partnerships with our schools, please contact External Affairs.

"The challenges surrounding the teaching and learning of mathematics and science worldwide are well-documented.  In response, Perspectives and IIT have leveraged their respective strengths in operating schools and expertise in mathematics, science, and technology within the IIT Mathematics and Science Academy. We believe this school provides students with state-of-the-art mathematics and science curricula as well as highly qualified and innovative teaching staff. We are confident that our school will enhance the scientific and mathematics literacy of all students and enable them to more successfully navigate the increasingly mathematically and scientifically-based society in which we live."

Drs. Norman and Judith Lederman
Illinois Institute of Technology, Department of Mathematics and Science Education