Perspectives Alumni Achievement Network

Alumni Portrait -- Antonique L. Brown, '14
Perspectives/IIT Math & Science Academy

Antonique shares her personal journey with the A Disciplined Life education model as a Perspectives graduate in this brief Q&A.

What was your first impression of the A Disciplined Life (ADL) Education Model when you first learned about it?

When I first learned about A Disciplined Life (ADL), I did not see the immediate value in it in relation to my school and personal lives. I saw it as a waste of time, and thought it was something I would not really use everyday.

While at Perspectives, what effect did living A Disciplined Life have on you as a student, as a person at school and at home?

While at Perspectives, from 7th to 12th grade, living A Disciplined Life developed me into a well balanced person. Living A Disciplined Life helped me become a person who thinks about the bright future that's ahead of me everyday.

How do you incorporate the 26 principles of A Disciplined Life into your studies and personal life?

I incorporate the 26 principles of A Disciplined Life into my studies by using my time wisely and being a life long learner. The best way for me to be successful as a student is by managing my time to make sure things get done. As well, being open to learning new things everyday benefits me by expanding my knowledge.

How would you describe your college experience as a Perspectives' graduate?

I would describe my college experience as life changing. Even though I have only been in college a couple of months, I feel I have changed so much for the better. I feel more mature, responsible, and independent. Going to college is something everyone should get to experience in their life.

Describe one way that you have shared A Disciplined Life with others?

One way I have shared A Disciplined Life with friends is by simply talking to them about it. Just letting people hear about A Disciplined Life inspires them to reflect on the ways they have been living their lives.

What advice can you can share with current high school students about living A Disciplined Life to succeed in school and life?

One piece of advice I would share with current high school students about living A Disciplined Life is to be open-minded about the potential value of this education model. A Disciplined Life will ultimately lead you to success. As far as advice for succeeding in school and life, I think it is important to work hard and stay motivated. Don't let your circumstances determine how far you will go in the future.

What are your plans after graduating college?

After I graduate college I plan to go to medical school with a focus in physical therapy.