Perspectives Alumni Achievement Network

Our alumni network is growing and with each year more graduates leave our network and head to college and beyond. As of 2014, the Perspectives Network has graduated over 1200 students. At Perspectives, our learning environment builds confidence, character, problem-solving skills and intellectual inquiry, preparing students for the challenges of higher education, the workplace, and life.

The mission of Perspectives Alumni Achievement Network is to provide resources and support that will ensure students are educated on the critical components of being successful in college. By continuing to nurture relationships with Perspectives Alumni, the Alumni Achievement Network will carry the principles of Living A Disciplined Life throughout their college experiences and beyond.

The Perspectives Alumni Achievement Network provides post-secondary support through:

  • College Passage Workshops
  • Alumni Achievement Scholarships
  • ADL Village Connections & Mentoring
  • College-to-Career Resources

Alumni Achievement Team

Tiffany Harston
Director of College Completion

Dr. Stefan Fisher
College Counselor
Perspectives Leadership Academy

Maribel Moreno
Dean of College Access
Perspectives Rodney D. Joslin Campus

Tynesha Parker
College Counselor
Perspectives High School of Technology