How we share A Disciplined Life®

A Disciplined Life® is the pursuit of self-love, healthy relationships and personal achievement. A Disciplined Life is a set of 26 principles that guide our actions and create a common language. It’s a curriculum. It’s a conversation. It’s a set of practices that shape a culture of excellence in an organization. A Disciplined Life is a set of life skills that we develop and carry with us, skills that guide successful people. A Disciplined Life is the pursuit of a meaningful life.

Now, thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, A Disciplined Life is being shared beyond the walls of Perspectives Charter Schools for the first time. The A Disciplined Life Curriculum, with full unit and lesson plans for grades 6-12, is now available. Contact Diana Shulla-Cose if you are interested in bringing A Disciplined Life to your school or organization.

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What is A Disciplined Life?