Our Philosophy

Perspectives Charter Schools' College for Certain education model educates students for college and prepares them for life by providing a combination of academically rigorous instruction and social and emotional supports that dramatically improve student learning. The following are our six pillars of success:

1. A Disciplined Life®- We Teach Ethics: Our 26 principles of ethical conduct guide student behavior and performance, helping them to develop self-discipline, perseverance, integrity, and responsibility.

2. College for Certain - We Prepare Our Students for College: Our college counseling program begins in 6th grade when we teach our students, many of whom will be the first in their families to go to college, to ask WHERE they will go to college, not IF.  We provide low counselor-to-student ratios so we can provide the one-on-one support our students and families need to navigate the often confusing maze of college applications and financial aid. Our juniors participate in 5-week internships at Chicago businesses, exposing them to prospective careers. Seniors must apply to a minimum of 5 colleges and for at least 10 scholarships in order to graduate. When our students graduate and go to college, we continue to support them by providing a "College Dad," our unique post-high school counseling program.

3. Academic Rigor - We Develop Scholars: Our academically rigorous curriculum teaches analytical thinking, learning, comprehension and writing skills according to state approved standards.  This curriculum prepares our students for success in college, the workplace and in life. Individualized instruction is our commitment to an exemplary practice of data collection and analysis that constantly evaluates and informs our instruction so that we continue to address individual student needs for achievement.

4. Professional Development – We Educate our Educators: Perspectives invests in the education of its educators by funding extensive teacher professional development and by measuring teacher effectiveness by student growth.

5. Parent Engagement: Our commitment to our students and their families is to involve parents in their education at Perspectives.  We host regularly scheduled Parent Councils.  We also invite parents to volunteer in the schools and get involved with school safety and peaceful conflict resolution initiatives.

6. We Partner with Communities: Perspectives partners with corporations, foundations, academic supporters and community leaders who fund our efforts, lend strategic advice and direction, and volunteer in our schools as mentors to our students.