Educating for College

At all of our schools, we pair a rigorous college-prep curriculum with a college-going culture based on our 26 ethical principles of A Disciplined Life. These principles, divided into categories of self-perception, relationships, and productivity, provide the backbone for everything we do at Perspectives.

Our Philosophy and Goals:
Our philosophy, is encircled around students’ ability to make informed decisions about their postsecondary plans, based on their knowledge of college options. Each of our schools has an experienced College Counselor who strongly believes in the success of our future leaders. As champions for our students, our College Counselors set high expectations for college attainment. Students are expected to be active participants in the college search and selection process, with the understanding that the decision to go to college, is a life altering choice that will cultivate beyond their secondary experience. Students understand that obtaining a college degree, has the ability to shift the trajectory of their career paths.

Our College Counselors build meaningful relationships with students and their families, gain an understanding of student’s interests, academic talents, and goals, and align them with college options. In doing so, Perspectives students have consistently been accepted to selective colleges/universities and have earned millions of dollars in scholarships.

Perspectives' Educating for College practices:
  • Middle school and high school freshmen visit local colleges and universities to gain exposure to college life.
  • Sophomore and junior students participate in multi-day college tours, visiting both local and regional colleges.
  • Students take A Disciplined Life college prep classes in 11th and 12th grades.
  • Students take the ACT Assessment, at least twice during their junior year of high school.
  • Students have access to an experienced, full-time, passionate and genuine college counselor.
  • Each senior must apply to at least five colleges and for at least 10 scholarships.
  • Graduating seniors and their families have access to financial literacy resources, through a partnership with Ladder Up 
  • All Perspectives graduates are members of the Perspectives Alumni Achievement Network, where they have access to college & career resources, and remain engaged with current high school students by returning to campus and sharing their postsecondary experiences.

For more information about our College Counseling Department:

Tiffany Harston
Director of College Completion
Support Hub of Perspectives

Dr. Stefan Fisher
College Counselor
Perspectives Leadership Academy

Janee Smith
College Counselor
Perspectives/IIT Math & Science Academy

Maribel Moreno
Dean of College Access
Perspectives Rodney D. Joslin Campus

Tynesha Parker
College Counselor
Perspectives High School of Technology