With the goal of ensuring that every student graduates from Perspectives prepared to succeed in college and in life, Perspectives works hard to accelerate student achievement growth. We provide differentiated instruction and a rigorous college prep education in every classroom, and by teaching our 26 principles of A Disciplined Life®.

Perspectives educates students for college and prepares them for life.  

Our Curriculum

All core subject area lessons in our curriculum meet the Common Core Learning Standards and ACT College Readiness Standards. The Common Core Learning Standards define what all students in every Illinois Public School should know and be able to do as a result of their elementary and secondary education. College Readiness Standards define the core knowledge and skills expected of students entering college-level courses.

Assessments and Evaluations
At Perspectives Charter Schools, assessments play a key role in gauging students' strengths and weaknesses. Assessments can also reveal teacher or program effectiveness or ineffectiveness. Perspectives utilizes several formal assessment mechanisms for assessing student learning and program effectiveness:

  • All state standardized mandated tests ( e.g., PARCC for middle school, PSAE/ACT, for high school)
  • Nationally recognized norm-referenced tests (e.g., NWEA's Measure of Academic Progress--MAP)
  • Any local district assessments required of other public schools in the chartering district
  • Specialized assessments developed by Perspectives Charter Schools for all areas of the academic core (e.g., mastery quizzes/assessments)
  • Day-to-day assessments related to specific content or skills (e.g., pre-assessments, quizzes, unit tests)
  • Qualitative observations of the process of learning (e.g., learning walks, instructional leader observations, principal observations)
Field Studies

Perspectives integrates our students’ classroom curriculum with real-world, experiential learning opportunities. We partner with museums, businesses and other organizations as host sites for our Field Studies. Perspectives develop specific curriculum for each Field Study that prepares students for their learning experiences, building on the principles of experiential learning research. We also schedule Community Action projects, where students give back to their communities by volunteering to serve others. Combined, these opportunities help give our students a "big picture" of the world around them and a sense of connectedness to the broader community.