Educating Chicago's Youth Since 1997

Perspectives Charter Schools manages five open enrollment, tuition-free public schools serving nearly 1,800 students in grades 6-12 in the communities of Auburn Gresham, Bronzeville and the South Loop. We are committed to providing top quality education in urban public schools. Our goal is to ensure that our students graduate from Perspectives prepared to succeed in college and in life.

At all of our schools, we pair a rigorous college-prep curriculum with a culture based on our 26 ethical principles of A Disciplined Life. These principles, divided into categories of self-perception, relationships, and productivity, provide the backbone for everything we do at Perspectives. From the classroom to the athletics programs, from the front office to staff meetings--A Disciplined Life is our common language and practice. The result is students who can speak eloquently about how they work to solve conflicts peacefully at home and in school, or how learning to use your time wisely helped them complete their college scholarships on time.

In addition to our A Disciplined Life classes, Perspectives students attend academically rigorous classes with double-period math and literacy, participate in a 5-week business internship program as juniors, and attend college tours and field studies throughout the city and beyond. Every student applies to at least 5 colleges and 10 scholarships.       

Perspectives students graduate from high school at a rate above the state average for all students. They enroll in college at a rate more than 15 points higher than the city average. Most impressively, they persist in college past the first year at a rate above the national average for all students.