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Alumni Portrait -- Anthony Halmon, '13
Perspectives Leadership Academy

Anthony shares his personal journey with the A Disciplined Life education model as a Perspectives graduate in this brief Q&A.

What was your first impression of the A Disciplined Life (ADL) Education Model when you first learned about it?

When I first learned about the A Disciplined Life education model, I thought of it as being irrelevant to my success in the future; but now, I realize that it is such an integral way to navigate my life. I believe that if I didn’t have the 26 principles of A Disciplined Life in my life, that college would be so much more difficult for me.

While at Perspectives, what effect did living A Disciplined Life have on you as a student, as a person at school and at home?

As a student, living A Disciplined Life helped me boost my GPA from a 1.0 in my freshman year, to a 3.7 as a sophomore. Subsequently, I am proud to say that my GPA never fell below a 3.7 during the rest of my high school career. At school, living A Disciplined Life helped me to become a role model to my peers, taught me to respect everyone, to get involved with multiple enrichment programs and to volunteer with community organizations. At home, living A Disciplined Life has helped me become more humble, respect my family more, and appreciate the small things in life.

How do you incorporate the 26 principles of A Disciplined Life into your studies and personal life?

I incorporate the 26 principles of A Disciplined Life daily on my personal and academic journey at Cornell. For example, when I thought everyone was smarter than me, I had to realize that I could lean on the principle of “love who you are”. When I didn't do so well on a quiz, exam, or essay; I had to be resilient and “challenge myself intellectually” and get back on my two feet in order to perform better the next time. When I did not feel like doing any work, I “demonstrated perseverance,” by not complaining so much and doing what I need to do. I realize that I need to “communicate effectively” with my peers, my professors, and my family and friends to create a safe learning environment for myself.

How would you describe your college experience as a Perspectives' graduate?

My college experience has been pretty fair. Freshman year, my first semester was very tough. I had a similar experience during my freshman year of high school. I was at the point where I didn't want to be at Cornell anymore. However, because I had support from both my personal and Perspectives families, I persevered and finished my second semester of my freshman year on strong note. I am confident that I can sustain this positive momentum through my second, third and fourth years at Cornell.

Describe one way that you have shared A Disciplined Life with others?

Everyday, I challenge my friends to be resilient and love who they are. On a daily basis I come across friends at my school that are having a bad day. It is clear to me that all they want is to be told that they are doing a great job. In these moments, I challenge them to pick their heads up and to not be ashamed about trying their best. Because Cornell is a very competitive school, my biggest advice to my friends is to realize that their toughest competition comes from within and that they have the power to determine their futures.

What advice can you can share with current high school students about living A Disciplined Life to succeed in school and life?

One piece of advice I can share is that they should continue to dream big and that the A Disciplined Life education model will help them realize their dreams. I would also tell them that no matter their circumstances, they still have the choice to make change, to be different, and to be great. Even though they may feel like they are broken, beaten, and bruised, and that they may be failing in general, I believe that through A Disciplined Life they can find the strength to stand tall and to keep moving forward. Resilience is key to success.

What are your plans after graduating college?

After I graduate college I plan to go attend graduate school.