Anthony Davis, No. 2 college hoops recruit, Joslin senior, signs with University of Kentucky

Anthony Davis, a senior at our Rodney D. Joslin campus is ranked as the No. 2 college basketball recruit (some polls say No. 1) in the nation by ESPN. On Wednesday, November 10th, Anthony signed his letter of intent with the University of Kentucky to accept a full-tuition, four-year athletic scholarship.

We invite you to watch the video of Anthony's signing and hear for yourself how Anthony credits living A Disciplined Life©, and the support of his college counselors, teachers and the school for helping in his success.

Surrounded by family, teachers and cheering classmates, Anthony spoke about how Perspectives has helped him focus on being a student first, and an athlete second. In fact, he attributes much of his success to living Perspectives' A Disciplined Life© principles every day.

Anthony says, "When I go to college, I'll be using ADL principles on and off the court."

While a Division 1 athletic college scholarship is a tremendous achievement, we are even more proud that Anthony could have been accepted to the University of Kentucky based on his grades alone - Anthony is an honor roll student at Joslin. His basketball skills were just the icing on the cake!

After the ceremony, Anthony's mother spoke to CEO Rhonda Hopps about how appreciative she was of the academic preparation Anthony has received at Joslin. She said that instead of being limited to only a few schools to choose from, he had over 30 offers for full athletic scholarships. Those future coaches knew that he had the academic background to stay eligible for playing basketball as well as the discipline to do his work both on and off the court.