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Executive Leadership

Rhonda Hopps, CFA, Chief Executive Officer
Kim Day, Chief Education Officer and Co-Founder
Diana Shulla-Cose, President and Co-Founder
Betsy Young, Chief Financial Officer & Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer


Brandy Woodard, Perspectives/IIT Math & Science Academy
Sauda Porter, Perspectives Middle Academy
Sarah Severson, Perspectives Leadership Academy
Eron Powell and Stephanie Kristovic, Perspectives High School of Technology
Stephen Todd, Perspectives Rodney D. Joslin Campus


Leanna Lantz, Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Vinay Mullick, Director of Programs and Athletics
Eric Heidrich, Director of Information Technology
Amy Gambrel, Director of Student Supports
Tim Valenti, Director of Data and Accountability
Tracy Fletcher, Director of Student Recruitment
Carol Sharp, Director of College Completion
David Terry, Communications Manager