PYP At A Glance

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How did we get here?

  • October 2013: Approached Perspectives with idea of developing the Perspectives Young Professionals (PYP)
  • February 2014: Perspectives leadership approves the idea of the PYP
  • July 2014: PYP founding members and Perspectives leadership agree to the formation of PYP
  • August 2014: The PYP is officially launched and begins recruiting

Where are we now?

  • Leadership Council consists of 5-7 founding members
  • More than 30 applicants expressed interest in becoming a part of PYP
  • Held launch event in March 2015 at John Barleycorn
  • First official board meeting in June 2015

PYP Membership Requirements

  • The PYP will be limited to 50 members to ensure active and engaged membership
  • $100 annual donation
  • Active participation on a committee (Service, Membership, Events)
  • Attend Perspectives and PYP networking and service events

PYP Board Committees

  • Leadership Committee
    • Determine mission, goals, and structure of the board
    • Co-Lead a sub-committee -- Events, Members, Service
    • Assist in growing membership and determine member requirements/duties
    • 5-8 members
    • Committee positions are offered to PYP members that demonstrate leadership and superior engagement
    • Serve for one year with the option to continue
  • Events Committee
    • Plan regular events (happy hours and additional outings to provide networking opportunities for PYP members)
    • Plan PYP Annual Signature event (will serve as the main fundraiser)
    • Coordinate with Perspectives staff to provide assistance to additional Perspectives fundraisers
  • Service Committee
    • Ensure that the PYP works with Perspectives' schools and students by planning service events that are uniquely designed for PYP members
    • Work with Perspectives staff to provide assistance at annual programs (i.e. Internship program, Peace March, Feast of Thanks, etc.)
  • Membership Committee
    • Recruit new members
    • Follow with members to ensure high level of engagement
    • Solicit feedback about PYP Board to refine strengths and identify areas for improvement
    • Update and maintain membership roster
    • Work with Perspectives to ensure requires membership donation has been processed